Over the years my personal website has been a showcase of my technical skills, an online CV and more recently a collection of articles and tutorials mostly about WordPress.

More recently I setup Wholesome Code as a better place to to store those WordPress tutorials, however it never really felt right.

This may be because I never fully transferred all the articles, and now they are spread in limbo across two sites, however I have come to the conclusion that with over 25 years in the industry I have a lot to share, and up until now I’ve been doing it wrong.

Shall we start again?

In the wise words of Julie Andrews, the beginning is indeed is a very good place to start.

Let’s start at the very beginning
A very good place to start
Julie Andrews – Do-Re-Mi

Arn’t you sick of reading a tutorial about, let’s say React, when you need to learn how to do something, but the knowledge they assume you have is way beyond what you have?

This is why I am going to write content that assumes nothing, and take you from the couch, to being a web development expert!

Wholesome Code is going to undergo a transformation to create truly detailed and in-depth tutorials and case studies (you may even call them wholesome) about everything I have learned in my quarter-of-a-century (plus) journey into web development.

My personal website will shrink down into a purely personal blog and signposting resource.

How will this work?

As the saying goes, you have got to have a system.

You’ve got to have a system

And that is exactly what I intend to do with my new articles. They will be step by step, systemised guides to all aspects of web-development.

They will be tagged, categorised, and beautifully presented, and not only that but I’ll also write a case study of all the internal alterations and amendments I’ll be making throughout.

What about the old stuff?

Don’t threat, the old articles you love and enjoy will be updated into the new format, and they will even have all the bugs fixed along the way.

What about those amazing plugins you make?

They are not going anywhere, in-fact I am going to make more, and there will be a section on the website so you can go-ahead and download them.

Even if you never use them, they are shared in the hope that you (or even I) will learn something from them.

By Matt Watson

Wordpress Developer for Hire. Developer, Father, Husband, Blogger - I do great things on the Web.